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Hilton Greenville - accommodations for the Academy of Leisure Sciences Teaching Institute 2016Academy of Leisure Sciences
Teaching Institute 2016

Honoring the Past, Treasuring the Present, Shaping the Future
February 24-26, 2016
Hosted by East Carolina University
Greenville Hilton, Greenville, NC

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Conference information including full schedule and fees.

Keynote Speaker - Dr. Abbie Brown, East Carolina University

2016 workshop topics include:

  • Faculty collaboration between and within disciplines, community engagement, and assessment of student collaboration activities
  • Fostering digital literacy and utilizing online and technological resources as educational tools
  • Fostering and assessing critical thinking, problem-based learning, and improved student writing
  • Increasing globalization thinking and skills through study abroad and international collaborations
  • Prevalent issues and trends in higher education, including learner behavior, internship policy/practice, campus restructuring, accreditation, and encouraging the next generation of professors/instructors

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